your kitchen

Are you recently diagnosed with celiac or another autoimmune disease? Are you in remission from cancer? Are you a fast-food addict who wants to add fresh foods to your diet? Are you a vegetarian who lives in the frozen/pre-packaged aisles of the grocery store? Are you trying to lose weight? Lower your cholesterol? Fight fatigue? Sneak nutrients into your kids’ meals?

If you have a perpetual health problem that just won’t quit, let sweetbean come to the rescue!

The rise of obesity, autoimmune disease and prescription medication run rampant in our society. It’s no secret that we’re confused about how to handle our health, especially when it comes to food. sweetbean will locate  your food triggers (often in the form of a subversive allergy) and resolve your ailments by consciously changing what you consume. We’ll go through every nook and cranny of your kitchen to uncover what food-things are causing your discontent. We’ll teach you how to prepare top-notch, nutritious meals to combat specific health qualms.

Food is nature’s best medicine. Let’s make it tasty.

Skype sessions are also available.

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