Anticipating the summer-bounty, here’s a tomato dessert that is truly delectable. While I do believe moderation is necessary in nightshades* consumption, there’s really nothing as perfect as a lush/ripe/seasonal tomato. Thus, enjoy this botanical fruit/culinary vegetable in the height of its availability and explore a myriad of ways to incorporate it in your diet. After all, we do need the lycopene!

sweet tomato cupcakes

*Nightshades are in the plant family called Solanaceae and include tobacco, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, goji berries and potatoes (sweet potatoes and yams excluded). Nightshades are linked to inflammatory problems such as heartburn and arthritis (among many others). They can also exacerbate certain autoimmune diseases, so it is very necessary to eliminate them while cleansing. Enjoy in moderation.