Sarah is a nutritional personal chef who offers a weekly meal service in NYC. She uses food as medicine and curates each menu to a client’s particular dietary needs (such as paleo, vegan, gluten-free, keto, autoimmune protocol, macrobiotic, etc). She has helped many clients during their acute healing, whether with autoimmune diseases or after a recent diagnosis, as well as assisting in weight loss goals through seasonal detoxing or reinstating healthy eating habits. Sarah has a vast knowledge in postpartum food and offers meals for new moms during this important life transition. She prides herself in using the highest quality ingredients: sea salt and olive oil from Sicily; unrefined local maple syrup and honey (never refined sugars); and all of the meat and vegetables are organic and/or local. 
The mind/body/soul counseling are 1-2 hour long sessions where Sarah weaves together dietary habits and personal history to discover the root of nutritional problems. She discusses topics typically taboo to unlock the relationship between slowing down, digestion, sexual expression, body image, and the way we walk through the world, as physical bodies, as emotional entities. The road to health is a journey. We’ve often exhausted the Western medical establishment and must dig deeper to figure out what is at root to heal our ailments. This is where insight, growth, transformation and TRUE HEALING happens. Sessions can be either in person or via Skype.

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