Chana Marsala

I’m a huge fan of Indian food. Nothing says “dee-lish” like some saag paneer or garlic naan. Unfortunately, most conventional restaurant food is loaded with sugar. Here’s a way to satiate yourself with classic Indian flavors sans the sucrose/fructose trappings.

chana marsala


Green Velvet Cupcakes

Continuing with the savory-in-sweet theme, here’s a cupcake with something green and leafy. Spinach is the secret ingredient, providing not only a plethora of phytonutrients, but also a backbone of flavor (especially when olive oil serves as the fat component). Who says dessert has to be cloyingly sweet? Or that red velvet should have all the fun?

green velvet cupcake


Cinnamon Blondies

It’s no secret that I’m kindasorta obsessed with all things bean-based. Nothing, shall we say, sweeps out your digestive track quite like those little legumes. While hide-n-seek treats (we’ll call them hide-n-treats) are often as unappealing as they are trendy, I do believe they can be done in a palatable way. Try these cinnamon blondies and I dare you to not agree. And, per usual, these contain no refined sugar. More on sugar soon. 

cinnamon blondies


Oaxacan Inspired Mole

After consuming too many mediocre moles, I did some flavor-research and created this bad boy. It has just enough heat, the perfect amount of cacao and about a million other spices to keep your senses tantalized. Throw in some shredded chicken for you meaty types or pour it on some pinto beans or portobellos for a savory situation that is sure to send everyone running back for seconds.



Star Fruit Upside Down Cake

This winter, I discovered a star fruit tree by my mom’s house in Florida. Abundant in its bearing, I was inspired to reinterpret this classic cake with some added flavors. The results were delicious. And, of course, there is no refined sugar in this dessert. It is sweetened with coconut sugar, which gives the cake an extra unctuous earthy element. 

star fruit upside down cake THE RECIPE